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National Cocoa Day

The National Cocoa Day is celebrated throughout United States on the 13th of December every year as an occasion to enjoy cocoa based dishes and drinks. This is an unofficial event as no official records declare this day as a holiday. But people go ahead and celebrate it as cocoa is the most loved food of the world and there is no harm in dedicating a special day to it.

Celebrating National Cocoa Day with National Cocoa Day Recipes

Although cocoa is an ingredient that can be used to flavor host of dishes it is commonly seen that people associate National Cocoa Day with the hot cocoa drink and tend to whip up a delicious mug of the drink using their special National Cocoa Day recipes. Some Americans prepare cocoa based dishes during the day and warm up in the night with their mug of chocolate. Other than hot cocoa, special puddings and cakes like coffee cocoa cake, marshmallow cocoa pudding, cocoa cheesecake, etc are baked to mark the occasion. Many cafes and bakeries put up a special menu for cocoa lovers which list unique items made using special National Cocoa Day recipes. People who do not enjoy cocoa in their food celebrate the day by purchasing cocoa based soaps and cosmetics.

History of National Cocoa Day

National Cocoa Day history is quite difficult to trace as there are no official records supporting the day. It is well assumed that the person who declared this day as the National Cocoa Day was possibly enjoying a mug of hot cocoa and for the love of the drink decided to do so.