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National Cheese Day

National Cheese Day is a popular American occasion dedicated to cheese and cheese lovers. Throughout the US, the day is observed on June 04. Cheese is considered to be one of the most delicious and versatile food items in not just the US, but also the world and this day is dedicated to the food as well as all those who love it. The day is marked by preparation of various cheese-related foods and the food is purchased and consumed in large quantities on this day.

Traditional National Cheese Day Recipes

Traditionally, the day is celebrated by preparation of all recipes which have cheese as the main ingredient. Crackers, pizzas, dips, sauces and salads are made with abundant amounts of cheese. Fondues are a popular traditional preparation of the day. There are some households which prefer to prepare the cheese as well as all the food at home, while some people head to their favorite cheese outlets and purchase huge quantities of it.

Food items are prepared for the major breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, as well as for snacks and appetizers. Cheese based desserts, cheesecake being the most popular, are also made. Macaroni and Cheese is perhaps the most commonly made food on National Cheese Day.

Significance of National Cheese Day Dishes

In its most basic form, National Cheese Day is observed by people who love cheese. However, unofficially, it is also the day when artisan cheese-makers silently protest against factory manufactured cheese packed in plastic containers and marketed the world over. On this day, specialty cheese-makers encourage lovers of the food item to purchase only freshly made cheese and use it as an ingredient to prepare the popular traditional dishes. The recipes and food preparations are largely viewed as a celebration of not only cheese, but also cheese manufactured in the traditional way.

Customary Ways of Serving and Eating National Cheese Day Foods

Dishes and desserts made for the day are almost always prepared at home and served as a part of breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, as well as snacks and appetizers. Friends and family gather together and relish the National Cheese Day preparations.