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National Champagne Day

4th August is the National Champagne Day when champagne is used to celebrate the occasion. Though considered by many to be on the 31st of December on the eve of New Year, a misconception that originates out of people commonly regaling with the popular saying “ Its Champagne Day”, this occasion is correctly meant to be celebrated on the 4th of August by preparing a variety of National Champagne Day recipes for a hearty party meal. Customarily, National Champagne Day is celebrated by breaking open a bottle of Champagne at the party meal which may be breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner and serving it along with the food there. Champagne is so fondly consumed on this day that many also like to enjoy this sparkling wine in the fresh outdoor ambiance, typically, in a picnic which has become a common feature of celebrating National Champagne Day.

National Champagne Day Recipes

What better way to celebrate the National Champagne Day than to have the sparkling wine for breakfast. A champagne breakfast is a breakfast with champagne or champagne cocktails like mimosas. A mimosa is orange juice mixed with champagne. Food is also appropriately rich for a champagne breakfast with salmon, caviar, chocolate or pastries. A breakfast that is has usually for celebrations.
National Champagne Day recipes include dishes to showcase the versatility of this sparkling wine. You can serve fruit punches, sangria and even champagne shrimp and pasta. It s nice to celebrate champagne as champagne has often been used in celebrations.

National Champagne Day: Trivia
31st December is also often celebrated as Champagne Day.