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National Candy Month

National Candy Month is celebrated in June and is welcomed by all kids as well as the elders living in the US. Jelly beans, flavored chocolates, marshmallows and a variety of homemade candy is what everyone looks forward to. A much awaited time for chocoholics and those with sweet tooth, National Candy Month is the favorite month of the year for many.

Popular National Candy Month Food Items

  • Pralines- These candy are common in New Orleans and are made of pecans covered with sugary brown fudge.
  • Bourbon Balls- This National Candy Month item originated in Kentucky and is an easy- no bake candy. These candy are usually made of vanilla wafer and bourbon.
  • Walnut Cranberry Truffles- A perfect chocolate treat, these sweet tidbits have a crunchy walnut flavor. The recipe is easy and thus this candy can be easily made at home.
  • Cherry Pistachio Bark- A not to miss for all chocoholics, this is a vanilla scented candy with white chocolate perfectly blended with dried cherries and pistachios.
  • Cranberry Nut Candy- A delicious National Candy Month food, the candy is covered with cranberries and nuts. This candy is perfect for gifting.

Trivia- National Candy Month

Candy is easily made by melting sugar in water. The candy type depends on the temperature at which it is heated. Hot temperatures result in hard candy; medium temperatures make soft candy and low temperature result in chewy candy.

Not more than than two percent of the calories in the diet of an American are provided by candy.