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National Candy Cane Day

The National Candy Cane Day, which falls on December 26th every year, is a holiday which celebrates the candy canes and their rich legacy. A candy cane traditionally refers to a candy stick which is hard and comes in the shape of a cane. Traditionally, the National Candy Cane Day is celebrated with the making and relishing of the popular Christmas candies, which are white peppermint flavored candies striped in red. These National Candy Cane Day recipes are also simply known as peppermint sticks and come in multiple variations of different flavors, colors and textures.

Traditional National Candy Cane Day Recipes
On the National Candy Cane day, the stores are flooded with different varieties of candy canes. However, of all the National Candy Cane Day candies, the J shaped, red striped white candy is the most popular as it is also associated with the Christmas holidays. This candy is made from sugar and corn syrup which is first heated, the cooled and mixed with starch and peppermint. These are then red striped and J shaped in machines.

Significance of National Candy Cane Day Recipes
The National Candy Cane Day candies have a special significance. The first candy cane was simple, hard, straight and an all-white stick which was first created by the French priests in the 1400s. This recipe was modified by a German choirmaster in 1670 and since then, the bent form of candy canes has become very popular. These bent sugar sticks which signified Shepherd’s sticks, used to be distributed to the children in the Churches. According to another theory, the National Candy Cane Day recipes are inspired by the history of the Yule trees candy canes, which were bent so as make them easy to decorate the trees. Many believe the J shaped candy sticks relished on the National Candy Cane Day basically commemorate Jesus and his purity, where the bold red stripes signify his crucifixion and the Holy Trinity.

National Candy Cane Day: Trivia
During the Holiday season, consumers spend $214 million alone on candy canes.