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National Bean Day

National Bean Day is popularly celebrated all over United States on 6th January every year, when beans are preapred in numerous ways to come up with amazing National Bean Day recipes. Beans can be used in several ways to enhance the nutritional value of the dish, where the health of the heart is improved in a considerable way with the help of consumption of beans, thus enabling a person to live longer. Beans can be used both in soups and in vegetables.

Customary Ways of Celebrating National Bean Day

National Bean Day is celebrated in various ways in the US where people send greeting cards to each other and enjoy various kinds of fun activities related to beans, where they learn various interesting facts about beans. The nutritional knowledge about beans is also given to children in schools to honor National Bean Day.

Due to popularity of beans all over the world, people enjoy this holiday with great fun where it is celebrated with friends and family, while enjoying party drinks, foods and beans.

Customary Ways to Serve National Bean Day Recipes

On National Bean Day, people often give gifts to each other, where jars of dry beans are exchanged. People from the south often serve southern bean with sliced tomatoes and onions, along with cornbread supper.

Popular National Bean Day Recipes

Bean Sprouts fry

Bean Sprouts fry is a National Bean Day dish which is made by stirring together garlic paste, onions, bean spouts, mushrooms, capsicum, baby corn, and broccoli in oil, seasoned with pepper and salt, and served hot. This healthy and highly nutritious bean bases vegetable dish is served hot.

Bean Soup

Bean soup is immensely nutritious which is prepared by combining together tomato puree, chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, chopped capsicum, beans, sugar, white sauce (made up of flour, milk and butter), chili sauce, salt, and oil, and served hot after garnishing it with grated cheese or fresh cream.