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National Apple Pie Day

The Americans celebrate National Apple Pie Day by making, eating or even gifting apple pies. This day appears twice on the US Food calendar month, one on the 13th day of May and another on the 3rd day of December. US citizens are free to choose any day to celebrate and gorge on apple pies. Most people who bake their own apple pie have their very own special and secretly guarded national apple pie day recipes. Bakeries and restaurants also observe this day in full gusto by offering their best ware made using special national apple pie day recipes.

The day is also celebrated as a family event where family members, old and young, get together and create a family apple pie. There is a popular saying that goes ‘as American as Apple Pie’ indicating how well apple pie is associated with America and its people.

History of National Apple Pie Day
Apples do not have their origin in the US but were introduced to the Americans by European explorers. Similarly, the apple pie recipe was shared by the Europeans too. Today, however, the case seems reversed as apple pie is more synonymous with the Americans than the Europeans and the National apple pie day is an occasion celebrated in the Americas than anywhere in Europe.

Although, most national apple pie day recipes are very American it still remains a mystery which American proposed the national apple pie day. This ambiguity explains 2 days as oppose to one national apple pie day.