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Muffin Day

Muffin day in America is a labeled as a day for eating this delicious baked food without any reservations. However, the list of American food holidays does not seem to have a specific day designated as the muffin day. On the contrary, there are two different days of the year which have been kept aside to celebrate the healthy dessert. The Blueberry muffin day is in July while the Oatmeal muffin is eaten as a mark of celebration on the 19th of December. Baking the muffins at home is traditional as is gifting a basket filled with delicious muffins to friends and family. Commercial bakeries and confectionaries have been promoting the day lately and keep their shelves stocked with freshly baked muffins on the muffin day.

History Of Muffin Day

The muffin day in particular does not seem to be associated with any known period of history. Delicious muffin day recipes have been around for a long time though and are strongly believed to have been initiated in Wales. The initial muffin day recipes have been recorded in the form of a cookbook in America although the culinary history of the country fails to specify whether the muffin preceded the cupcake or vice versa.

Popular Muffin Day Recipes

It is customary to adhere to the specific type of muffin on the specific day. Oatmeal muffins prepared by following the various muffin day recipes are a healthy alternative to the ordinary ones as it contains the cholesterol reducing grain. The fiber present in the oatmeal is also considered to be beneficial to health which is undoubtedly one of the reasons for celebrating the oatmeal muffin day on December 19th. Muffins stuffed with the blueberries are another healthy option but that needs to be eaten in July and not at this time of the year.

Muffin Day: Trivia

The name muffin has a German origin and means soft bread.