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Kwanza food is prepared during the celebration of Kwanzaa, a weeklong African American festival celebrated in honor of the African culture and heritage, from the 26th of December to the 1st of January, annually, in the United States of America. It was first celebrated in the years 1966-1967. The festival which mainly involves a cultural gathering of the African Americans for discussing guiding principles involves preparation of Kwanza meals on all days, as well as, a feast called Karamu on the sixth day, on which a number of traditional and modern Kwanzaa recipes are prepared. Kwanza food for the feast consists of several dishes made of indigenous ingredients or those that have been brought to America by the immigrant Africans.

Ingredients Commonly Prescribed by Kwanza Recipes
Kwanza food is commonly prepared using native African ingredients like peanuts, sweet potatoes, yams, and sesame seeds.

Popular Kwanzaa Recipes
Kwanza food of different flavors and types is fondly prepared and eaten during the weeklong celebrations. Some popular and traditional Kwanza recipes include those for:

  • Fried Okra- this is one of the most widely liked Kwanza foods, probably for its appreciable taste, feel and ease of preparation. This dish comprises of crisp, crunchy and golden brown flour- coated deep-fried okra.

  • Chicken and Sausage Gumbo – this dish consists of a roux made with chicken and sausage seasoned with spices and herbs. The dish along with rice or mashed potatoes makes a satiating meal.

  • Sweet Potato Pie – this sweet Kwanza food, is made by filling a pie crust with a mixture of mashed sweet potato, sugar, butter, cinnamon and nutmeg and baking it.