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International Cookie Day

International cookie day is celebrated globally as an occasion to mark the obsession of cookie lovers. It is generally celebrated on 28th August with cookies baked in different shapes and sizes. This day is marked as a holiday in many countries and celebrated with friends and family by having a variety of cookies.

Traditional International Cookie Day Recipes
International cookie day encompasses an array of traditional cookie recipes. These cookies are popularly known as ‘Holiday’ cookies as people savor them abundantly on holidays and special occasions. Cookies are typically spiced, iced or even decorated. Gingerbread cookies, snowflake cookies, hazelnut tea cookies and meringue spirals are some of the examples of classic and traditional cookies baked on this special day. Traditionally prepared cookies are generally simple and unadorned as these recipes show the actual style of baking in olden times.

Significance of International Cookie Day Recipes
International cookie day mainly includes the cookie recipes that are time-tested and ruling the minds of cookie lovers since ages. These recipes are specially prepared to symbolize the origin of cookies. Dutch people were the first who discovered these small baked items that tastes good when crispy.

Modern International Cookie Day Recipes
Like other national and international holidays, the International cookie day has also seen significant changes in past few years. Unlike traditional recipes, modern cookie recipes are more decorative and embellished. The first cookies were made in round shape, but with the diversity in ingredients and recipes there are now lots of shapes for cookies. Modern cookie recipes involve a variety of ingredients such as oatmeal, chocolate chips, glazed fruits and even fresh fruits. Creamy icing and various spices are also used to add more cookie recipes in the list of International cookie day.

Customary Way of Serving International Cookie Day Recipes
Contemporary and conventional cookies are specially served on International cookie day. Being a holiday, this occasion is celebrated with family and friends. This day is a fad among kids as they relish cookies with immense pleasure. Few people make cookies gift basket and distribute among friends and relatives.