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Hanukkah food belongs to those particular food items that are traditionally eaten during Hanukkah or the festival of lights. The festival is celebrated each year by the Jewish community to commemorate the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem and to marvel at the miraculous event that took place ages ago. The miracle of olive oil burning long after it was expected to be extinguished is celebrated by eating fried foods cooked in accordance to the Hanukkah recipes. The traditional Hanukkah foodsalso contain a number of delectable sweet dishes and the children have a wonderful time snacking on the delicious feast prepared according to the Hanukkah recipes.

History of Hanukkah Food

Hanukkah food is rooted in tradition and almost all Hanukkah recipesstem from the history associated with it. Traditional Hanukkah foods include fried or baked foods as the festival itself celebrates the miracle of a small amount of olive oil burning for eight long days. Potato pancakes popularly known by its Yiddish name, Latkes are an all time favorite and these Hannukah foods are prepared by deep frying it in oil preferably olive oil.

The Concept Of Hanukkah Food in Different Cuisines

Hanukkah food does not vary much from culture to culture as the underlying tradition runs strong with only slight deviations made to the traditional Hanukkah foodsacross the world.

While the Latkes or potato pancakes, deep fried in oil have transcended all geographical boundaries and are considered to be Hanukkah foods for every Jew irrespective of where he lives, the jelly or jam filled doughnuts known as sufganiyot in Hanukkah recipes are eaten with relish in the homes of the Polish, Israeli and Sephardic Jews.

Goose roast is enjoyed as the main course all across Europe while the Americans opt for the more conventional Hanukkah foodstuffs like the roast chicken or a beef brisket. Cheese is another favorite which cuts across all barriers but Hanukkah food recommend only the kosher variety.

Popular Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah food is quite popular although not very nutritious on account of the traditional Hanukkah foodsbeing fried in oil. Another specialty of the Hanukkah food is that it is strictly kosher prepared in accordance to the Jewish dietary rules. Hanukkah foods eaten all across the globe are very similar to one another and often feature the following:-

Potato Latkes are shallow fried pancakes and a hot favorite for the occasion. Apple Sauce is a sweet condiment and a popular accompaniment. Beef Brisket, on the other hand, serves as a main Hanukkah food during the dinner. Roast Chicken is often considered as an alternative to other Hanukkah foods as well. Sugared Cookies cut in a variety of shapes together with Sufganiyot or jellied doughnuts make excellent deserts while the Kosher cheese platter is one of the special Hanukkah foods included as a tribute to Judith, the Jewish heroine.

Hanukkah Food: Trivia

Diary products were not considered to be a part of traditional Hanukkah food items until after the middle ages when Judith, the beautiful widow beheaded the Babylonian chief after overfeeding him with cheese and wine. Cheese is part of the traditional Hanukkah foodsnow.