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Eid Ul Fitr

Eid ul fitr foods, eaten on the three day festival of Eid mostly comprise of sweetened dishes like candies and pastries. Eid ul fitr festival which marks the end of Ramadan is a Muslim festival celebrated in different parts of the world, by breaking the 30 days fasting by eating and distributing Eid ul fitr foods like baklava, sevaiyyan, kahk cookies, chot-poti and handesh, most of which are sweet dishes of different types. Since the festival in celebrated by Muslim communities all over the world, each region has its special Eid ul fitr foods.

Traditional Eid ul fitr Recipes

Traditionally, in Saudi Arabia Eid ul fitr foods mainly comprise of dates, pastries, dry fruits, rice, falafel and assorted sweet dishes. In Turkish cuisine, candies, chocolates, lamb kibbe, kofta kababs, Turkish delight confections and the traditional sweet pastry baklava prepared from honeyed phyllo dough and nut stuffing is more common. In Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisine, Eid ul fitr foods mainly comprise sweet dishes like seviyyani, shemai, naankathai and firni while snacks and dinners include chot poti, fulab, murgh musallam and biriyani.

Significance of Eid ul fitr Dishes

Eid ul fitr foods are eaten after the long fast of Ramadan and so, the foods which are mainly eaten are sweets. Fresh and dry fruits and nuts are also very commonly eaten on Eid all over the world and these especially include dates. Since this Muslim festival is a day of giving, Eid ul fitr foods are often also distributed amongst the poor and shared with strangers.

Modern Occasion Eid ul fitr Recipes

While most Eid ul fitr foods still retain their traditional charms, the Eid celebrated in the western countries, especially in America and Europe have modern Eid ul fitr recipes, influenced by the regional cuisine and these include caramelized fruits, dry fruit cakes, samosa, curried beef and chicken.

Customary Ways to Eat Eid ul fitr Dishes

The customary way of breaking the Ramadan is to eat dates before joining the Eid ul fitr prayers, after which the other Eid ul fitr recipes are eaten throughout the day.

Eid ul fitr Recipes: Trivia

Dates are the most popular Eid ul fitr foods.