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Cotton Candy Day

National Cotton Candy Day falls on the 7th of December every year. It was originally known as “Fairy Floss” as cotton candy is made from floss or flossine sugar. Cotton candy Day is celebrated to commemorate the invention of this sweet made from sugar. Cotton candy, also called as candyfloss or fairy floss is twirled from sugar fibres that are coloured. The sugar fibre is obtained as sugar is melted and passed over to a skinny hard form. Cotton candy is usually available at fairs, carnivals, festivals and circus. It is commonly wrapped to a thin cane stick or placed in a plastic bag. Cotton candy is available normally in pink and blue colours.

Traditional National Cotton Candy Day Recipes

  • Cotton Candy day can be celebrated by making the obvious cotton candy. The cotton candy is the basic recipe among Cotton candy day recipes. It is made with sugar, corn syrup, food colouring, flavoured oil and baking spray.
  • Cotton candy cookies are among delightful National cotton candy day desserts to treat young guests at the party.
  • Cotton candy cake is among National cotton candy day dishes.
  • Cotton candy martini is one of the few National cotton candy day recipes that are a great hit among children.

Significance of National Cotton Candy Day Dishes

There is no accurate record about the origin of National Cotton Candy Day. Although the origin of cotton candy is known. The cotton candy machine was invented in 1897 and patented after two years in the year 1899. Fairy Floss came to glory upon being presented in the St. Louis World's Fair in the year1904. It was sold at a great price of 25 cents per. In 1920 it was started to be called as cotton candy. The National cotton candy day can be celebrated at any fair or carnival by indulging and treating one and all in the lovely and fluffy cotton candies.