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Cinnamon Roll Day

Cinnamon roll day, also known as Cinnamon bun day is celebrated in Sweden as an annual theme festival on October 4th and locally in Swedish language, the day is known as “kanelbullens dag." This day which is celebrated with cinnamon roll day recipes was founded by Hembakningsrådet’s project manager - Kaeth Gårdstedt in 1999. Cinnamon roll day is celebrated to uphold the rich bull tradition of Sweden by focusing on the traditional cinnamon rolls or buns, where these delicacies are extensively sold in the restaurants and stores besides being baked in homes. Cinnamon roll day is also celebrated popularly by the Swedish community of New Zealand and Swedish Churches all over the world.

Traditional Cinnamon Roll Day Recipes

The tradition of baking these delicious buns started in the 1920s in the bakeries of Sweden and by the 1950s; it also became a popular homemade delicacy. The roll finds the earliest prominent mention in the Swedish cookbook “Vår Kokbok.” One of the traditional ways of serving cinnamon rolls on the National Cinnamon roll day is with orange juice. The traditional cinnamon rolls are basically shaped in the form of swirl buns, although sometimes they may also come in the shape of snail.

These sweet pastries are made by rolling yeast dough sheets onto a mixture of butter, sugar and cinnamon, which may also at times be mixed with chopped grapes or raisins. The dough is then rolled, cut and baked. On the special occasion of Cinnamon Roll Day, the pastry is often served with a confectioner’s sugar icing, nib sugar or glaze, with their sizes varying from 5cm diameter to 10 cm.