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Cereal Day

Cereal day is celebrated on 7th day of March and was started to appreciate the nutritional and health benefits of cereals. This day is popular in United States and is observed by eating cereal day food. On Cereal day and regularly also, cereals are not just relished as wholesome breakfast but also as other foods, which mainly comprise of cookies, puddings, muffins and other interesting recipes.

Popular Cereal Day Food

Milk and cereal- Cereal makes a hearty breakfast meal. A bowl of milk with cereal not only tastes delicious but keeps the body light and fit throughout. It is one of the popular cereal day breakfast which is also eaten on regular basis.

Fruity cereal- If one is fond of sweet but also at the same time calorie conscious, fruity cereal makes a perfect snack option. Seasonal fruits can be added to the cereal and eaten.

Cereal bars- Packaged cereal bars like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and count chokula are relished by many and make the easiest yet popular foods on Cereal Day.

Significance of Cereal Day Food

Cereal day is meant to honor the Kellogg’s invention by John and William, which took place in the year 1897. The food is also eaten to commemorate Dr. James Caleb Jackson who made the cereal from granola and is also referred to as “cereal developing predecessor of Kellogg brothers”. Health wise, the whole grain cereals are perfect way to start a day on healthy note. Cereals not only supply the body with essential nutrients and vitamins but also help in monitoring the body glucose levels. Cereal foods are low on carbohydrate and cholesterol and thus are recommended for all.

Customary Way of Serving Cereal Day Food

Usually on this day, the breakfast comprising of cereal is served. At homes people prefer to have cereal instead of scrambled eggs and toast. In schools and offices also a light cereal meal along with fruits is served. The lunch menu also includes cereal in some or the other form. Cornflake crumbs are added to many recipes which give a crunchy taste to food. During dinner, cereal is included in the salads and other recipes.

Trivia- Cereal Day

Approximately 2.7 billion of cereal packages are sold every year.