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Brownie Day

Brownie day also known as ‘National brownie day’ falls on 8th December every year and it is celebrated as a National food holiday in America. This day mark the love of food admirers towards brownies. Brownie day recipes usually include chocolate brownies as it is said that brownie lovers generally like chocolate flavor.

Brownie day is a day when people bake different kind of brownies that are chocolaty and chewy. These brownies are enjoyed on the holiday with friends, family and neighbors.

Traditional Brownie Day Recipes

Brownie day is celebrated all over the world and especially in America by baking various kinds of brownies, cakes and muffins. Brownie is typically a small kind of chocolate cake. Hence almost all brownie day recipes are based on chocolate. Traditional recipes of brownie day include warm brownies served with ice cream. This dish is popularly known as ‘brownie a’la mode’. In most of the restaurants brownie day recipes are served with whipped cream. Milk and coffee are served traditionally with almost all brownie day recipes. ‘Blondie’ is also a very popular variation of brownie that is served on brownie day, but it does not contain chocolate and gets its brown color from brown sugar.

Significance of Brownie Day Recipes

Brownie day is commonly observed as a National holiday in America. It is mainly observed as a celebration of baking brownies. Almost all chocolate lovers and brownie lovers gather together and bake various kinds of brownies. Friends, family and even neighbors come together to show their love towards these small sweet cakes.

Special ‘brownie’ contests are also organized by the communities where expert bakers and amateur chefs show their skills of baking these small chocolate cakes. Brownie day recipes include nuts, chocolate chips and even cream but the main ingredient is obviously the chocolate. Hence, it can be said that on this day chocolate is also celebrated along with brownies.

Modern National Brownie Day Recipes and Their Variations

Traditional recipes for brownie day include simple chocolate brownies served with cream or ice cream, but some modern National brownie day recipes now includes chocolate cakes, chocolate frosted pastries and even chocolate brownie puddings. Nuts, chocolate chips and whipped cream are always the indispensable companions of the brownies and still remain the same. With the modernism and openness towards new ingredients, a new kind of brownie is gaining popularity that is called ‘hash brownies’. These brownies contain ‘cannabis’ which is a kind of drug that is used in the form of herb in the brownie recipes.

Other modern brownie day recipes are almond fudge brownies, double chocolate brownies and cherry brownies. One more thing that has changed with times is the preference of individuals. In olden times, brownies were used to be baked at home, but these days ready-made brownie mix and bakery made brownies are highly popular.

Customary Way of Serving of Brownie Day Recipes

Being a holiday, brownie day is celebrated with family and friends. No formal feast is arranged on this day but people use to bake special traditional as well as modern brownie day recipes and share them with their near and dear ones. Specially made brownie gift packs are also popular on this day.