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Bloody Mary Day

Bloody Mary Day is a day dedicated to a cocktail drink called Bloody Mary. This day is celebrated on first day of January every year by sipping various Bloody Mary recipes. The drink is popular all over the world and contains tomato juice, vodka, spices and flavoring agents like Tabasco sauce, salt, lemon juice, celery salt and cayenne pepper. Serving beer chaser is also popular on Bloody Mary Day.

Popular Recipes for Bloody Mary Day

Bloody Maria- The recipe of Bloody Maria is similar to Bloody Mary recipe the only difference being that this drink is made using tequila. People love to sip it by adding clam juice and a splash of sherry.

Bloody Biker: It is the spiciest of all Bloody Mary Day recipes and is made by combining Mario olive juice with vodka, Habanero pepper juice, Spicy hot v8 juice and Worcestershire sauce.

The Bloody Victoria – This drink is also known as Ruddy Mary and is made by adding gin to tomato juice and other ingredients of Bloody Mary. It is one of the Bloody Mary day recipes that originated in Britain.

Russian Mary: This Bloody Mary Day recipe makes use of vodka, Tabasco sauce, yogurt, pepper and grated onion. Parsley sprigs and mint is used to garnish this cocktail.

Trivia- Bloody Mary Day

Bloody Mary cocktail was first formed Fernand Petiot, a Parisian bartender, in the late 1920s.