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Bake Cookies Day

Bake Cookies Day is celebrated on the 18th of December. Cookies are a favorite snack for all ages. Each person almost certainly has a preferred cookie. Butter, sugar, chocolate, chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, oatmeal, cream centers, jelly filled, ginger snaps, snicker doodles are some popular Bake Cookies Day recipes.

History of Bake Cookies Day

The earliest Christmas cooking were brought to America by the Dutch in the early 17th century. Legend has it that during Christmas, children keep cookies and milk out for Santa Claus.

Bake Cookies Day Recipes

The best part about Bake Cookies Day is that baking cookies is an activity adults and children both can enjoy equally. A basic sugar, flour, butter combination can result in the softest butter cookies. Butter cookies can be decorated with many interesting designs. The Bake Cookies Day is a good time to try new recipes for cookies and experiment.

Christmas baking is always done in advanced and the recipes are designed to keep cookies fresh for long after. Popular cookies that you can bake on the Bake Cookies Day can be ginger bread, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, oatmeal, chocolate chip and raisin and peanut butter. Cookies made on Bake cookies day make excellent gifts for neighbors and friends.


Bake Cookies Day is just a way to ensure that all the Christmas baking gets done in time.