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Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is traditionally a day of fasting. The Ash Wednesday food eaten by the Catholics comprises just one meal. Ash Wednesday recipes do not contain any meat. The first day of Lent, that occurs 46 days before Easter, is celebrated as Ash Wednesday by the Western Christianity. This day changes from year to year as it depends on which day Easter falls every year. Ash Wednesday is celebrated as a day of repentance of one's sins and is marked by placing ashes in the form of crosses on the foreheads of people. Ash Wednesday food is simple and modest. The traditional Ash Wednesday food comprises pretzels. The knot of the Pretzels represents the crossed arms of a repenting person.

Traditional Ash Wednesday Food
Ash Wednesday food is mostly vegan or vegetarian. Baked Beans Rice served with Potato Soup is one of the typical Ash Wednesday recipes.

In Gradoli, Italy, Pranzo del Purgatorio is cooked on Ash Wednesday. Pranzo del Purgatorio means Lunch in Purgatory which is cooked by all the men within the community. The Ash Wednesday food here is usually a meal of six different fish dishes including Gradoli fish soup, Braised Pike and Baccala in white wine.

Significance of Ash Wednesday Recipes
Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lent season and the Ash Wednesday recipes reflect the solemnity of the season. People who observe the Lent refrain themselves from their favorite foods.