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All Soul's Day

All Souls’ Day food is cooked during the All Souls' Day to primarily to pay respect to the dead. The All Souls Day falls on November 2nd. It is also known as the Day of the Dead and also the as Defuncts Day. Traditionally, during this day, an altar used to be made at every home with food on it. The altar also had mementos of the departed and was decorated with flowers. It was believed that the dead would partake in that feast set upon the altar, in spirit.

Traditional All Souls' Day Food
Though the food offerings have diversified over a period of time, bread is the only constant of all All Souls' Day recipes. The bread baking custom is said to have originated from the early Spanish colonies of Mexico. The other traditional All Souls' Day recipes would include candied fruits, tamales and sugar skulls. The sugar skulls are sometimes custom made with the names of the departed ones.

Significance of All Souls' Day Food
The food cooked on this day is a token of respect paid to the dead.

Modern All Souls' Day Food
Foods like chocolates, enchiladas and drinks like tequila and beer are offered to the dead on this day.