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Army Cooks On Thanksgiving Dinner

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A Pentagon Channel News Report on the Thanksgiving Dinner served by the Army Cooks of the 18th Field Calvary Brigade at Fort Bragg. 1000 of soldiers and their family's enjoyed this meal, many of them recently coming home from Iraq.

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Fort Bragg Thanksgiving
Video is a brief highlight of the thanksgiving dinner, and lunch being served at Fort Bragg by army cooks. About more than 100 of soldiers with their families enjoyed the meal, out of those some where seeing the comeback from Iraq.

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It looks more like a dormitory! Do these soldier's prepare any special dish for their family?
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Kudos to those thousand soldiers who took part in this Fort Bragg Thanksgiving meal preparation. Yes they have every reason to celebrate their return from Iraq. If you want to know how precious little pleasures are in life, ask a soldier :)
Army Cooks On Thanksgiving Dinner Video, Fort Bragg Thanksgiving