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Finshing leftover Easter food!

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I knew it! Every year after Easter we have dozens of hard boiled easter boiled eggs, Easter chocolates and cookies we have to eat and eat and eat, right? Wrong!  Easter might be over but the fun has  just staeted. With a little resourcefulness, a mighty amount of creativity and sensible recipes you can convert the leftover Easter food into a new dish! Here are a few tips and some sites that will help you with this.






Hard Boiled Easter Eggs


The hard boiled eggs can be used to prepare a number of interesting and tasty dishes like , Spicy Boiled Eggs, Stuffed Hard-Boiled Eggs, Hard-Boiled Eggs With Shrimps and Scotch Eggs with Fresh Herbs.


Here are a few more links that can help you:

 9 Heavenly Hard Cooked Egg Recipes

 10 unique uses for hard boiled eggs


Chocolates and candies

The chocolates left over from Easter can be melted and reused in desserts with a chocolate base. They can be even poured into new moulds and the newly made chocolates can be put in gift boxes and after adding a personal touch, given to family and friends. Use the candies as topping for your cakes and other desserts.


Go to the listed links for more fun ideas:

Foods made from leftover chocolate

Using up leftover Easter candy

A funtimes guide to use left over candy in fun ways.


I hope I have made finishing the leftover Easter food a little more fun! Have a great week relishing the new revamped Easter food you are going to prepare!


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Finshing Leftover Easter Food!