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Ukranian Easter Eggs – Pysanky

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The Ukranian Easter Egg , Pysanky , making is an egg art in itself. The Pysanky are beautifully decorated eggs which uses a specialized technique of covering the eggs with beeswax and then dipping it in color. At the end of the process the egg is placed near the candle to melt the wax and this brings out the beautiful design and color worked on the egg. A great way of wishing your friends, near and dear ones Happy Easter. The Pysanky are specially made with the purpose of gifting to convey good wishes. The designs used include geometric patterns and other symbols that may have some specific meanings. The detailing done on the egg differs from region to region. Ukranian Easter Eggs or the Pysanky are beautiful eastereggs that can make this easter even more special. Chk out this video for more on this beautiful egg art.



Image Courtesy: uvna

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Ukranian Easter Eggs – Pysanky