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Cute Edible Santas From Around The World

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Santa face cake

Can there be a Christmas without a Santa? Don’t we all love that good old chubby man in red, who comes visiting with a bag of goodies? He makes rounds in several forms, and as foodies, we wondered how our counterparts worldwide have created their own edible versions of him. It is such a pretty sight to see cute edible Santas on plates, isn’t it? Here are some of the virtual treats for you to see!


1. Santa Claus Strawberries

These Santa strawberries are the cutest ever. Whoever imagined strawberries and frosting to create such a magic?!

Santa claus strawberries


2. Sushi Santa

Japanese are for all things “kawaii.” So it is only reasonable for you to expect a santa out of a sushi!

Santa sushi


3. Santa Pops

These marshmallow santa pops are cute, aren’t they?

Santa pop


4. Santa Cookies

Don't you think these santa cookies are simple and easy to make?

Santa cookies


5. Graham Cracker Santa

Graham crackers and marshmallows have come together to get transformed!

Santa graham cracker


6. Santa Cupcake

Oh-Oh…Santa has fallen head first! But all we can hear him say is…”Ho-Ho-Ho…Merry Christmas!”

Santa cupcake


Image Credit - doceverti, kawaiifoods, littlemissonigiri, jackiefo, divinepartyconcepts, thekrazycouponlady


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Cute Edible Santas From Around The World