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Valentine's Day Recommended Recipes

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Valentines-Day Recipes

Valentine’s day, the day designated for love is incomplete without good food to complement it. From aphrodisiacs to sugar coated fruits and colorful, the cocktails, the list goes on & on. Here are 10 such superlative dishes that are sure to entrench you firmly within the heart of your sweetheart. Take your pick…


1. Godiva Chocolate Martini Recipe

Begin the special evening with an exquisite Godiva chocolate martini that marks the onset of love. 

Godiva chocolate martini  


2. Valentine’s Day Dinner For Two

Give your sweetheart your entire attention by laying down a spectacular meal replete with sumptuous sides & magnificent mains.


3. Special Dinner For Your Valentine

Surprise her on Valentine’s Day with this simple and easy valentine special dinner recipe. You don’t really have to go overboard by spending every cent that you have. A wholesome, healthy meal cooked with love can make her lose her heart to you once again.

special valentine_dinner


4. No Bake Cheese Cake

Wow her with this decacadent, easy to make, cold cheesecake that is certain to melt her heart.



5. Be My Valentine Pie

Cast a magical spell on your loved one with this chocolate, vanilla, & strawberry Valentine Pie that hides a delicious ice cream within its crusty exterior. 

Valentine pie


6. Heart Shaped Valentine Brownie 

Make your own unique Valentine’s Day special dessert by baking a superlicious brownie heart with a smooth, chocolatey finish.

Heart Shaped Valentine Brownies


7. Chocolate Strawberries

Love is in the air, and what better way to express it than chocolate covered strawberries? Prepare them once and you'll never buy them again! 

chocolate covered strawberries


8. Tiramisu

The word “Tiramisu” means pick-me-up! Do you need another reason to try this recipe for Valentine’s Day?



9. Valentine’s Day Cupcake

Wondering how to express your feelings to your beloved? Your search ends here. This is an absolutely gorgeous cupcake which will say it ALL for you. 

valentines day cupcake


10. Hot Chocolate Drink

End it with chocolate too! A decadent Valentine's Day treat or winter drink, hot cocoa is bound to make your relationship even hotter.


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Valentine's Day Recommended Recipes