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World’s Most Expensive Christmas Dinner Is Being Cooked In UK

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In the U.K., a chef named Ben Spalding is selling a Christmas dinner worth $200,450, which is being touted as the most expensive Christmas dinner in the world. Now, would you be interested in taking a bite?


While most people would shop for turkey, potatoes, Brussels Sprouts, and some tangerines for their Christmas dinner, Chef Spalding has prepared a list of dry ice, Almas caviar (£5,000), a whole white truffle (£3,500), gold leaf, Wagyu beef heart, limited edition Japanese watermelon, Kopi Luwak, and a £37,000 bottle of Champagne to rustle up the $200,450 Christmas dinner. Now you get the picture, right?


The lavish spread, consisting of a four-course meal made with some of the most expensive ingredients on the planet, will be available on the website

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The most decadent touch has been lent to the traditional turkey. The chef has used a rare breed turkey along with Wagyu beef fillet and heart, costing £5,000, which shall be wrapped up in edible 50-carat gold leaf worth £6,000. Akbari Pistachios (£5,000) would be sprinkled over this centerpiece.


The exorbitant dinner would be finished with the Densuke watermelon and whipped Kopi Luwak, served on a gold Ugandan vanilla plate. All this is for a dinner that would feed four people.


The only good thing about this decadent treat, apart from the taste, of course, is that the proceeds generated from serving this four-course meal would go to charity. So, someone else would also get to celebrate Christmas this year!




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World’s Most Expensive Christmas Dinner Is Being Cooked In UK