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Get Ready For A Gluttonous Christmas This Year

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Christmas is a festival associated with food and revelry. However, while people may choose to spend days and hours in the kitchen preparing for that special Christmas meal, the modern food industry is trying to make their lives a lot simpler by putting up fast food creations that help you celebrate this festival in as traditional way as possible. Therefore, shops are selling mince pies, turkey as well as sprouts, to keep up the Christmas spirit. And all of it is calorie-laden.


For starters, two chip shops in England, are going to increase the calorie-count for your traditional Christmas dinner by including fried versions of the traditional dishes like sprouts, roast potatoes, and carrots. The first shop, The Bearwood Fish Bar, in Smethwick, Birmingham, has planned to sell a deep-fried Christmas dinner. Apart from the mince pie and Christmas pudding, battered and fried, the shop will sell the trimmings wrapped in turkey breast and battered and fried. The shop, however, is not certain about the response they will get to their heart-attach inducing meal.

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Another local pub, Hollywood Fish Bar, located in Wythall, will serve a traditional Christmas burger, complete with a turkey crown, stuffing and cranberry sauce, slathered in gravy. There is a battered and fried Christmas cake for pudding too. In short, the burger is a complete Christmas meal, but without the sprouts. Nobody is going to miss the sprouts, anyway!


However, if you thought that is all, you are wrong. The shops are also planning to sell the “Cheeses of Nazareth”, which is a complete cheeseboard, battered, and fried. God save the hearts now!



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Get Ready For A Gluttonous Christmas This Year