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Pamela Anderson To Tickle A Turkey This Thanksgiving's picture

Pamela Anderson Turkey

Pamela Anderson is known to turn heads with whatever she does. So, this Thanksgiving, she has chosen to do just that by tickling turkeys rather than baking them. The ‘Baywatch’ babe prefers to hang out with the birds, instead of picking them up to eat ever since she has turned an animal activist.


The bombshell beauty informs that for Thanksgiving she would visit the ‘Gentle Barn’ and tickle the turkey under the wings. She might also pick them up in her lap and feed them pumpkin pie to celebrate the holiday with the birds, who, more often than not, end up on the Thanksgiving dinner table.


Who wouldn’t want to join the well-endowed Pamela in her ‘tickling’ mission? Pity that the gesture seems to be more a publicity stunt than a heartfelt cry for saving the turkeys this Thanksgiving! What do you think?



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Pamela Anderson To Tickle A Turkey This Thanksgiving