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7th Annual ‘Fabulous Food Show’ For Veterans

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Fabulous Food Show

The 7th Annual Fabulous Food Show 2012 is a must-see event for the war veterans, especially because the troops will get to test their nerves in a totally different field of action - the kitchen. The show, to be held at the I-X Center Box Office in Cleveland on Sunday, November 11, will be open to visitors with a valid military I.D.


The highlight of the show is the "Taste for the Troops" event to be hosted in the "Main Kitchen Theatre", which will take place on Sunday at 3 PM. This military cooking competition will be hosted by former White House chef Sam Morgante, who served under President George W. Bush. Troops from five branches of the military - Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and the Coast Guard - will participate in a cooking contest, which will be judged by selective culinary experts. The participating troops will use one secret ingredient to make a winning recipe.


The show is aimed to honor the war veterans as well as the serving troops on the occasion of Veterans Day. In case you want to be there for the event, you can purchase a general admission ticket for $15. It may help to know that the money, collected from the tickets will be used to support military personnel and  their families.



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7th Annual ‘Fabulous Food Show’ For Veterans