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How About Some Graveyard Brownies This Halloween?

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Graveyard Brownies

In keeping with the Halloween spirit, here is another treat you can bake and prepare for your Halloween party this year. Well, the accompanying video is self-explanatory and you don’t need much to create this spooky dessert treat for your Halloween guests. However, one thing that you can do with this dessert is exercise your creativity to the hilt.


Show the world how scary you can get with the graveyard brownies. The graves are made with Nutter Butter Cookie sandwiches and the graveyard, of course, is a brownie base. You can use individual brownies too, as shown in the picture above. As for the scary letters and images on the cookie graves, that should be easy for the artist in you, with some help from melted chocolate and cool whip mixed together.


The best touch of the graveyard scene, however, has to be the green grass lying at the base of each grave. This you will get by mixing just two drops of green food coloring with a batch of shredded coconut in a zip loc bag. That’s it! Now you know how to create your very own brownie graveyard. So, Happy Halloween!


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How About Some Graveyard Brownies This Halloween?