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Serve STD Cupcakes This Halloween And Spread The Message

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Halloween is an occasion to go extreme on the horror factor. Well, what could be excessive than cupcakes representing Sexually-Transmitted Diseases or STD? Yes, there is a baker, Miss Cakehead (what a name!) who is an expert in turning up these embarrassing delights, which would make you red in the face.


These STD cupcakes are made in time for the upcoming Halloween festival but there is a higher purpose – that of teaching people about the disease. Miss Cakehead adds, “The STD cakes have really been quite powerful in teaching people something.” The cupcakes will be sold at a hospital museum on Halloween and there will be a series of lectures to explain the condition behind the disease as well.

STD cupcakes

Apart from the cupcakes, the baker plans to display other horror goodies like marshmallow brain, toenail fungus cookies, and polycystic kidney cakes. Hmmm, this Halloween is going to be as tastier and scarier as ever!



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Serve STD Cupcakes This Halloween And Spread The Message