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Happy B’Day Google!

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happy birthday google

Google turns fourteen today, having entered the ‘terrible teens’ just a year earlier. The doodle showcased on its home page depicts a chocolate cake with the company logo and 14 candles which change into google’s colors while the candles get rearranged in the form of tally marks denoting the number 14.


The birthday date hasn’t quite been sacrosanct though! In fact, the search engine had initially chosen September 7 as its birthday, the day of its incorporation which was changed to 27th in 2005 in order to bear similarity with the number of pages that google had been indexing then.


Last year, google had a cake too but the logo had been in a more jovial mood, sitting around the table with each of it’s characters wearing a party hat. There is a solemn air of sobriety this time round with the logo sitting quietly on the cake. Looks like google is growing up at last!



Image Credit- google

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Happy B’Day Google!