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Valentine Gift - The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan

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Got any ideas on what to gift your valentine? Well, if she or he has a thing for chocolates, The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan is something that you could consider.

Chocolate comes in various forms and shapes but the first image that most of us would get at the mention of the word ‘chocolate’ is the iconic confectionary design, the chocolate bar. ‘Devouring’ one is an experience in itself – a big, thick rectangular sheet of chocolate that can be easily broken into bite-size pieces and...pop!   

Williams-Sonoma has a new brownie pan that bakes one large brownie in the shape of a chocolate bar. You can use your favourite brownie mix or prepare a flourless chocolate cake, ready to be divided into a dozen pieces, each embossed with the word ‘Chocolate’!

The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan is made of cast aluminum with a premium nonstick finish. It distributes heat evenly and releases the brownies with ease. It's priced at $29.95.

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Now that's something I would want to get as a gift. Forget about the brwonies in the shape of chocolate bar, but the pan-design itslef is so inviting. But does cast aluminium has an issue with the oven set-up?
Valentine Gift - The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan