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National Onion Rings Day – Enjoy The Crunchy Snack

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561978-crunchy-onion-rings-for-the-day.jpgsaxei0t-jt77ae8bnrqfswbmuawved0cakq8wcusgafqjcnf0a3idnxalmqxwlhgg2xk2xnl9qaAn informal food holiday which celebrates onions in the form of rings is popularly known as the National Onion Rings Day. The day, celebrated on June 22nd is not hugely publicized and remains unknown to many. It’s a day for food enthusiasts to prepare delicious snacks, using onion rings as the main ingredient.

Truly, a much awaited day for those who love to enjoy food holidays, mostly in the US and many other Western Countries – the day is all about crunchy snacks and fun with friends and family. Manufacturers, restaurants and retailers often come up with special offers and promotions for this special day. Here are some facts which you will find interesting.


History of the day:

  • Not much is known about the history of the day and nothing is yet documented about the origins of the day. However, many people believe that in 1933 a recipe on onion rings became quite popular for its unique taste and great flavor. Ever since that day, a special day is dedicated just for dishes with onion rings. Others believe that it might be just another day created to fill the food holiday calendars or a day to prepare and enjoy some really delicious food.


How to celebrate the day?

  • It’s a great day to spend trying out newer recipes with onion rings. You can check cookbook or online food sites for some really good recipes. You can use the day to prepare some such recipes and experiments. Call over your friends and serve them the crispy rings you prepare along with chicken fries, lamb chops, burgers, grilled vegetables and baked potatoes. Do not forget to included colas, smoothies and some desserts to make the food complete. You can also visit your nearest restaurant and check out their specials for the day.



Ideas to serve onion rings:

Running short of ideas on how to serve the crunchy onion rings to celebrate the day? Here are some ideas which you can try out.


Serve with fast foods:

  • This is the simplest and easiest way to include them in your menu. Serve these with colas, fries, burgers and chops. These will enhance the taste of any food.


Serve as an appetizer:

  • Invite your friends for lunch or dinner on this special day and include crispy fried onion rings as the main appetizer. Crunchy delicious onion rings will be simply delicious. Remember to fry them just before serving to keep them crunchy and fresh.

Health facts:

  • Onion rings are deep fried but this does not always mean that they are unhealthy. If you are fond of these and wouldn't like to stop just after a single piece, you can try baking or grilling the rings. This will certainly reduce the fat content, without hampering their crispiness or taste.


So, give it a try this year and add the day to your calendar of food celebrations. You are certainly going to like it.


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National Onion Rings Day – Enjoy The Crunchy Snack