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How To Be A Part Of Chinese New Year Celebrations

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 Chinese New Year celebrationsWish I was born as a Chinese then I could have got the privilege to celebrate New Year twice! Yes, when the world all over has long stepped into the New Year 2009, the Chinese is still awaiting to embrace the same, with great pomp and fervor. The Chinese communities spread across the globe, will celebrate the Chinese New Year today, the 26th of January, 2009, amidst baroque lantern displays, parade, dragon dance and more in a very fascinating and colorful ambience.




Rather than an outside event, welcoming the Chinese traditional lunar year is more of a family affair; a time of reunion and thanksgiving for all the wonderful things that the previous year has showered them with. Although with a much evident religious connotation, the Chinese New Year these days are celebrated with everyone who admires their culture or in one way or the other forms a part of some Chinese-American households.


Chinese New Year Celebrations




As it is said, you needn’t be a Chinese to celebrate the lunar year of the ox; even if it’s a late decision to be a part of the Chinese New Year activities, you needn’t worry as the festivities have a tendency to last for a week or even more.



If you have any friends or neighbors belonging to Chinese community, just pay a visit to theirs and indulge in the celebrations in the real Chinese way. If not then you can set up the ambience in your home, getting the whole family involved in the preparations; believe me, it’s gonna be real fun. Here are some of the last minute or nth hour preparations you can try that will still let you enjoy and experience the very best of this traditional new year celebration.



  1. Cleaning and setting up the home to welcome and embrace the New Year is a very important activity carried out by the Chinese households. So, now it’s your turn to do the same in your house. While decorating your house, remember to use the brilliant shades of red and gold, coz these are considered the Chinese colors of wealth and well-being.

  2. Bring greenery to your interiors, coz according to Chinese mythology such a practice ensures prosperity in the coming year. Let the fragrance spread and fill your home with good fortune!

  3. Chinese New Year celebrations are left incomplete without an authentic Chinese dinner, so, if at all you aren’t familiar with the traditional Chinese cuisine served on the New Year day, it’s better to order the same. This saves a lot of your time preparing the food items.

  4. Gear yourself with noisemakers to drive away the evil spirits.

  5. Light a few lanterns and to complete the feel, attend a Chinese New year celebration parade in your town or the nearby area; best is it, if you happen to be a part of the biggest ever New Year celebs in New York or San Francisco.





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How To Be A Part Of Chinese New Year Celebrations