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National Chocolate Parfait Day - A Day To Indulge In Your Sweet Tooth!

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Chocolate Parfait


Chocolate parfait makes a perfect treat, provided you follow the steps the right way. However, you cannot find an excuse to keep indulging in this calorie-rich delight throughout the day. That is why the "National Chocolate Parfait Day" is there! Yes! Let us get celebrating right away…


A Few Moments From History

So, do you feel that this national holiday came into existence because people wanted an excuse to indulge in this dessert all day?


Well! It is true to a certain extent. The original frozen parfait came into existence in 1894. Made using cream, eggs, and sugary syrup, it was an illustration of how excellently flavors should blend in a dish. Slowly the layered versions evolved, adding enticing touches to the visual appeal of this sinfully rich goodie.


Avocado Lime and Chocolate ParfaitChooclate Parfait Today…

There are countless ways you can put together this dessert today – ice creams, puddings, gelatin plus a topping of fresh fruits, whipped cream, or cocoa powder, or a handful of roasted nuts! You name it, you have it!


One look at the clearly displayed layers  of tantalizing chocolate, cream, and nuts and fruits is sure to fill your mouth with water. Are you not hungry yet?


How Do I Celebrate?

So, how can you celebrate today? Well, you can prepare a delicious and simple homemade chocolate parfait at home and enjoy it as a dessert alongside your meal. Or, check out if your favorite restaurant is honoring this day with some special offers!


The best part of today’s celebrations is to come up with your own variation of this decadent delight. If you want to spice up the celebrations, then you can even hold a chocolate parfait competition! The best recipe – look and taste wise will win!


I do agree that a chocolate parfait is not a very healthy treat that you can relish  always, but today, you must try some interesting ones!


Here is a video that shows you an interesting way to celebrate this day!



Enjoy your "National Parfait Day" with utmost zest and pleasure! Voila! I see you already have your spoon! 


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National Chocolate Parfait Day - A Day To Indulge In Your Sweet Tooth!