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A Debonair Menu To Honor National Raisin Day

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National Raisin Day

Raisins, the tiny treats, both dark and pale, are not just sweet bites, but are  packed with nutrients as well. And today is special as we get to honor these delightful low fat delicacies by dedicating all of 24 hours to them. Yes! It is the "National Raisin Day" today! Why not whip up a raisin menu to celebrate this day with  pomp & grandeur? Wait a min though! Let me share some fun facts about this day before you get into the feasting mode…


The Flashback…


As per "Fresno Historical Society", the day came into existence in 1900 as an effort to save the raisin industry, which at that point of time had just started emerging. James Horseburgh, Jr., who fathered this idea, took help from railroad industries and hotels. All those who had meals in the James-partnered places were served raisins, and from then on, the journey of these dehydrated grapes has remained inexorable…


A Delectable Starter - Raisin ColeslawA Zesty Raisin Menu


There are countless recipes you could choose from to honor this day. Here is a menu that has been handpicked and crafted for you exclusively. The recipes are simple and easy to make, but do leave an elegant touch on your taste buds. Check out what is in store…


1. Raisin Coleslaw

This coleslaw variety makes a buttery beginning for this special food holiday luncheon. All you need to do is to toss carrots, cabbage, and raisins in a mixture of canned asparagus soup and mayonnaise. You can choose any other soup of your choice, but make sure you pick a creamy one. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours before you serve it in a salad plate alongside warm garlic bread.


2. Raisins & Nuts Pasta

A crunchy, hot and sweet pasta makes a delightful main course. The chewiness of raisins, the crunchiness of pine nuts, the creaminess of parmesan, and the slight spicy touch of pepper – the dish is a fabulous eat!


Raisins & Nuts Pasta3. Deviled Raisins

A creamy, yet subtle side dish, it goes perfectly with roast duck or chicken.  Covered with French dressing, it gets a subtle spicy touch from the addition of paprika. If you do not have kids for your party, then you could add rum to the dressing.


4. Golden Raisin Flambé

What could be a better choice to wind up you raisin day meal? A French delight, it is loaded with the slightly intoxicating touch of the brandy. Served along with vanilla ice cream, this fire and ice combo is an irresistible one.


5. Glogg

A raisin and wine drink, it gets a zestful flavor from the infusion of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. Make sure that you serve this drink hot topped with blanched almonds for a crunchy appeal!


Now that you have got a brief idea, why don't you try coming up with your own raisin menu? Whip up some tasty raisin-infused dishes and celebrate the National Raisin Day!

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A Debonair Menu To Honor National Raisin Day