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5 Easter Party Games With Food

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Easter food games

Yippppppeeeeeeeeee!!! Easter is here and kids are full of glee, which is not the least because of all the fun and games involved with the Easter celebrations. So, what do you do when you are asked to organize an Easter party game with food? Are you deep in thought? Well, don’t worry, here are a few ideas for fun-filled Easter party activities that will keep the kids and adults occupied alike. The best part is that food is involved in each of these activities. So, let’s  begin:-


1) Guess-the-Eggs

There are quite a few ways to play this game. You may ask one of the children to hold two eggs in each hand and put the hands behind his back. Then ask each child one by one, to guess which color egg is in which hand. Give points or prizes for the right guesses. In case you find children are not being able to cover the egg properly (we do not want anybody cheating, right?), then ask an adult to hide the eggs and play the game. You can even involve adults in the guessing game, by forming a team of one adult and one child. It will be so much fun!!!


2) Easter Egg Hunt

This is one of the most popular games to be played at an Easter party, simply because who doesn’t want to go on a treasure hunt! Hide Easter eggs everywhere in the house or the venue, where the party is going on. The Eggs should be of different colors, and decorated differently. Then ask the teams of kids or adults to search for these eggs. The team that finds the highest number of eggs is declared the winner.


3) Egg and Spoon Race

There is every chance that this race will not reach its logical conclusion because Easter eggs are delicious to eat and nobody would want to miss a chance. Nevertheless, you need a few spoons and a few boiled eggs, preferably decorated. The concept remains the same. Whoever reaches the finishing line first with the egg place right in the spoon, wins the race.


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4) Decorate an Easter Egg 

This game is sure to end up in a lot of mess but never mind. It is Easter time and what’s Easter without some messy fun. So, supply the colors, brushes, trinkets, and other decorative items, supply egg shells, and let the kids or adults run loose with their imagination. You can keep it as a contest for the most imaginative decoration, or better still, you can take all the decorated eggs to your local church and display it for the community to admire the efforts.


5) Easter Cooking

This game is strictly for adults, although kids can pitch in too. The clever part is that you can use this game to rustle up the party food as well so that no separate cooking needs to be done. Nevertheless, decide upon the menu, distribute the dishes among the teams and cook the dishes. Then present them to a panel of judges (this is going to be the fun part) and wait for the results. Whatever the result, everybody gets to eat the spoils on the Easter day!


This is the lowdown on the Easter Party Games with Food and if you have your own ideas to add, do write in with your comments. You can also tell us about your favorite Easter games that you used to play as a child. In case you want to organize an Easter party this year, you may want to read about how to plan a traditional Easter party.


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5 Easter Party Games With Food