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Top 10 Ladoo Recipes For Holi

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Exotic Laddoos For Holi

Sweet treats are integral elements of Holi and ladoo is one among the most popular desserts of this color-filled occasion. There are quite a lot of varieties you can try on this special occasion. Let us get started now without wasting time…


1. Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo

Made using finely ground and well-roasted gram flour, these desserts come with the goodness of cashews and raisins along with the flavors of cardamom.


2. Coconut Ladoo

Coconut Ladoo

These snowy white, flaky ladoos are garnished with ghee-roasted cashews and raisins. Made using coconut flakes, sugar, milk, and clarified butter, these are flavored, many a time, with powdered green cardamom.


3. Dates Laddu

Dates Laddu

While these are not traditional choices, these make healthy desserts for Holi. Dates, cashews, and condensed milk are mixed thoroughly into a soft dough and shaped into small, bite-sized balls.


4. Khoa Ladoo

Khoa Ladoo

Prepared from sugarless khoa and sweetened with powdered sugar, this sinful indulgence comes with a sweet coconut filling. Flatten the prepared khoa using hands and place a coconut ball inside each. Now, seal thoroughly. Roll in confectioners’ sugar and allow to cool.


5. Besan Ladoo


Made using chickpea flour or Bengal gram, these are quite a nice choice for celebrating the festival of colors. The key lies in toasting the powder well. It should be done until the aroma of the besanfills the kitchen. Flavored with cardamom and nutmeg powders, these are garnished with cashews & other dried fruits.


6. Motichoor Laddoo

Motichoor Laddoo

For those who do not know, this dessert gets its name from its appearance. Moti in Hindi means pearls. Small pearl sized gram flour dumplings are bound together using sugar syrup.


7. Muesli Orange Ladoo

muesli orange ladoo

This is an innovative ball form of the famous breakfast muesli & vitamin-rich orange in combination. There are countless versions of making this recipe. There are no right or wrong recupes here. You are free to add the garnishes as per your taste.


8. Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo

Made using semolina, milk, and sugar, this is a creamy, tasty delight. Coconut is an optional ingredient. You can add ground cardamom for enrich the flavors.


9. Til Ladoo

Til Ladoo

You can prepare this using white as well as black sesame seeds. Molasses as well as sugar are used to render the sweetness. Those who are diabetic can opt for sugar alternatives. A healthy snack, this is gluten free and dairy free.


10. Wheat Ladoo

Wheat Ladoo

Golden roasted wheat flour is mixed with powdered sugar, clarified butter, and shaped into balls. You can even choose to add jaggery along with wheat. 


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