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10 Best Edible Holi Gifts

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Exchanging gifts during festivals is considered to be an auspicious and lucky tradition by the Indians. The rule remains the same for Holi, the happy festival of colors. You can choose from a wide range of edible gifts to zest up the spirits of this color filled occasion. Be it the homemade delicacies or the sweetmeats you buy from the vendors, your friends will be more than happy to accept these gestures of love. Here are some great edible gift ideas…


1. Dry Fruits

A dry fruit hamper is a simple, yet magnificent way to display your love for your near and dear ones. Purchase the hamper from your vendor or put together a personalized one, selecting each variety on your own.

Dry Fruits Hamper


2. Ladoos 

There are lots of options when it comes to choosing to gifting ladoos. You can choose from the basic besan, mothichoor, or rava ones or for something excitingly different, pick the ones made using mawa or cashew.



3. Laung Latta 

Made using refined white flour with fillings of polenta, khoya, and dry fruits, these deep-fried golden delicacies come with the goodness of cloves. The richness of these sweet delights makes them wonderful Holi presents.



4. Gujiya 

A Holi special delicacy, it is shaped like a crescent. With fillings made using dried condensed milk, these are melt in mouth bite sized goodies.



5. Burfi 

Burfis are yet another popular choice as edible gifts as they are available in countless variants. Milk, cashew, almond, and refined flour burfis are few of the variants that you can opt for. You may even choose the South Indian Mysore Pak. This is a type of burfi made by simmering gram flour in sugar syrup.



6. Soan Papdi 

A flaky Indian dessert made from gram flour, clarified butter, and sugar, it is a little tough to be made at home. Nevertheless, it is one of the tastiest Holi gifts. Try to pick one from your nearby supermarket or sweetmeats vendor.

Patisa or Soan Papdi


7. Chocolate Truffles 

Chocolates have gained popularity as one of the most favorite gift items. They perfectly go with the festival mood and zest up the spirits of the festival. Choose from the famous brands or the truffles. Yet another interesting way to present these edible gifts is to prepare homemade chocolates.

chocolate truffles


8. Fruit Basket 

Holi is played as the spring sets its beautiful foot in India. This is a time when the markets are flooded with various fruits. Prepare a gift hamper with strawberries, melons, pineapple slices, and grapes. Nothing is better than a fruit basket for those calorie conscious groups. A melon-crafted basket filled with melon salad can also be a great alternative.



9. Sugar Cookies      

Cookies, like chocolates, have made their way into the gift ideas. You have a wide variety to choose from – the branded ones or pick it from the countless hampers your baker has prepared. Better still is to make yummy sugar cookies from scratch at home.



10. Wines 

Bhaang is an intoxicating, slightly alcoholic drink that people love to taste during this festival. That is the key reason why wines are chosen as exotic gifts during Holi. Pick from the homemade ones or the imported ones according to your budget.



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10 Best Edible Holi Gifts