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The Obamas’ Valentine’s Day Plans: ‘Let’s Stay Together’

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Michelle Well, apart from dealing with the political bigwigs of the world and looking at financial solutions to America’s economic situation, President Barack Obama also has to make Valentine’s Day plans for his wife, Michelle. “That’s his job,” said the First Lady in an interview to "Access Hollywood’s" Billy Bush recently. Here’s a little dope on the Obamas’ Valentine’s Day plans:-



1) Valentine’s Day Plans


Michelle Obama told the interviewer that the President has “something” planned for the couple for the day. She said, “He always has to plan Valentine’s. That’s his job. I think there may be a date night. There’s something scheduled. It’s hard for him to pull off the big surprise when you’ve got a motorcade and police escorts and all that stuff.”



2) The Thoughtful Husband


Michelle had revealed in another interview last year that her husband remembers all the important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. She also let in on the secret that Barack Obama was “very romantic.” In fact, she went on to say that she felt “blessed to have a husband who is very attentive” to family needs. Michelle and Barack



3) The Family Man 


A proud wife, Michelle, said, “He is a busy man, but when it comes to family, there’s nothing more important and if there’s ever something that I need from him, or the girls need from him, he stops on a dime, because it’s his way of staying sane as well.”



4) The ‘Singer’


President Obama recently did an impromptu jig at a fundraiser in the ongoing Presidential campaign, where he sang a few lines from the Al Green song, “Let’s Stay Together.” So, Mrs. Obama is hoping that her husband might “pull off a few more lines of the song for the Valentine’s Day and use that to serenade her. Although, she also mentioned that she and the President did not “make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day.”


The interview is quite a deviation from what Michelle Obama generally speaks about in the media, which includes her obsession with a healthy America, her Let’s Move campaign, and her kitchen garden. But that is not to say that the couple are not romantic. In fact, the Obamas are one of the most expressive couples to have resided in the White House because on more than one occasion, they have indulged in PDA, letting the country know that they are very much in love and committed to each other. As for the Al Green song, well, in case President Obama manages more than a few lines, you know the First Lady knows her husband well.




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The Obamas’ Valentine’s Day Plans: ‘Let’s Stay Together’