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Bull’s Testicles Take You To Love!

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Bull's TesticlesIt may sound a bit disgusting to some of you but there is truth in this piece of news. Bull’s testicles take you to love because these are supposedly packed with “sexually stimulating ingredients.” From the pie-makers, Bigham’s, comes this latest weird food, which is supposed to get you in the mood for love. In fact, the makers of the bull’s testicle’s pie are so confident of the aphrodisiacal qualities of this concoction that they want it to be served with a health warning. Tall claim or not, decide for yourself:-


1) From the Far East


Couples in India and China have long sworn by the power of bull’s testicles to increase their loving power and sexual vigor. In fact, in some eastern communities, these testicles are believed to be more potent than Viagra. Can you beat that?


2) The ‘Cock & Bull’ Pie


The pie itself is a riot of flavors. It contains of succulent steak pieces, marinated in the ‘Mama Juana’ liquor, originally found to be prepared by the native Taino Indians to get into a mood for love. The liquor is made with rum, red wine, and honey, into which are soaked tree bark and herbs, making it a potentially intoxicating mix. The steak is cooked in gravy containing bulls’ testicles as well as ginseng. The steak mixture is baked into a gorgeous puff pastry, which is handmade and ready to be cooked. The pies are available in packs of two and one at Ocado for £7.99.


3) Bigham’s Says Cock & Bull Pie


The pie makers have this to say, “Having specialized in “twosome” cuisine for over 15 years, we understand what it takes to bring partners closer together. The potent properties of bull’s testicles have long been used in India where lovers swear by their power to increase sexual vigor and in China, couples claim their effects to be a stronger aphrodisiac than Viagra.” The makers further confirm “After a busy day at work, couples are often too tired to cook, which is why we have developed the romantic Valentine’s version of our popular pies, taking the stress out of cooking this Valentine’s. The Cock and Bull pie will give partners the opportunity to ditch the asparagus and oysters this year and create that perfect ‘twosomes’ moment with our one-off passion inducing pie.” According to them, the “taste bud-tickling recipe is a sure fire way to rekindle feelings of desire across the nation.”


4) Some More Testimony, the online grocer selling the pies, says, “We want Ocado to become an emporium of food and to deliver the broadest, most diverse grocery range. Ocado is focused on massively expanding its selection this year and, as such, we are always on the hunt for exciting new products that push the boundaries but also taste delicious. Charlie Bigham’s pies are amongst our bestsellers and we jumped at the chance to exclusively stock this limited-edition aphrodisiac pie.”


Whether these pies will set the hearts aflutter this Valentine’s Day is still to be proven. However, in case you want to give them a try, you know where to order. And in case this is not weird enough, just go for some more weird foods to impress your Valentine this year.


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Bull’s Testicles Take You To Love!