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Edible Cupid Ideas For Valentines Day

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Edible cupid arrows for your valentineMake your Valentine’s Day special with cute  edible cupids prepared for this day. If you don’t have these now and you will have to wait for yet another year – so, don’t let the opportunity go. Try your hands on whatever you get. You can prepare some of them at home or even buy them from the local stores. Here are some ideas  which you are surely going to love:


Cupid Ideas:



Edible cupid arrows:

  • These are special Valentines day cookies or lollipops which have an arrow that signifies cupid or the symbol of love. These are especially very colorful in nature and completely sweet. These are easily available at the local confectioners and available in easy wrapped gift packages, for the occasion.


Edible chocolates:

  • One of the most common types of cupid edibles are the chocolates. These are prepared using a special mould and resemble cupid and have an arrow motif too which makes them completely fit for the occasion. These chocolates can be prepared at home – the chocolates need to be set in special moulds which are in the shape of cupid. Edible cupid chocolates are available in white and dark chocolates also.Edible cupid chocolates



  • These can be prepared at home and make wonderful ideas for Valentine ’s Day. Cookies in the shape of cupid are one of the most sold items during this item. To add a special or a personal touch these can be prepared in the flavor of your choice. The most popular flavor always remains chocolate and strawberries. A pack of crunchy cookies will make perfect gifts for the special day.Crunchy cupid cookies for valentines day


Fruit baskets

  • These are special baskets which are considered to be healthy Valentine’s Day gift as they are full of fruits meant for the person to whom it is presented. The basket has a special décor with a cupid motif or banner which makes it special to the occasion.


Cupid cake:

  • Fresh vanilla cake with a cupid frosting is sure to make the evening memorable. Hot chocolate cake with soft vanilla icing will make these cakes just perfect.Fresh cake with cupid frosting


Hope the special ideas for this day will help to make your evening memorable. If you have any more ideas, do not forget to write to us.


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Edible Cupid Ideas For Valentines Day