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Tips For A Perfect Valentines Day Celebration

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Private dinner for your valentines dayCelebrating Valentines Day cannot  be special without good food meant for love!  If you are among those who wish to make this day memorable by doing something  unique, you can try out some of our suggestions. These are not about the usual celebratory  gifts of heart shaped chocolates and cards - but something really special, which you can do for your Valentine. It doesn't matter whether you are male or female - you are surely going to love every bit of our ideas and so will be your partner.



Making your Valentines Day Perfect:


Private dinner:

Plan a private dinner with your partner at any place of your choice, but make sure you can bring your prepared goodies and its not much far off from the place where you live. Candles, perfume and soft music will just be perfect for the ambience. Do not over do anything - keep everything very simple, soft and natural.



No valentines day is complete without a lovely cake. Instead of buying a cake from your confectioner, prepare a delicious one for your sweetheart. Hold on - not just any cake will do for the occasion - a steamy choco-lava cake will be just perfect for the occasion. Cutting through the soft cake together and letting the hot molten chocolate ooze out freely, before you both dig in it, will surely be worth remembering.Delicious chocolava cake for your valentine


Valentines day mocktails:

As you move ahead with the evening it will be your turn to raise the spirits of the special by serving some of the best mocktails and dessert drinks for your partner. Prepare some of the most delicious and nutritious drinks such as a wonderful mocktail of coconut milk, pineapple juice and crushed ice. Garnish the mocktail with slices of your favorite fruit. Serve these mocktails with bite size appetizers. Serve this in champagne flutes, or any fancy glass you have. These are just perfect for your intimate dinner.Special non alcoholic mocktails


Special menu:

If you wish to make the day really very special make a super romantic Valentine’s Day menu. Choose romantic foods such as Marmalade chicken and Pomegranate duck. Chicken marmalade tastes wonderful with the taste of freshly grated orange zest and the tangy sauce which tastes just awesome. This chicken dish and the duck can be served with delicious brown rice.Delicious chicken marmalade


Last, but not the least do not forget to have a wonderful gift for your valentine to make the occasion complete in every way. I am sure; these tips are going to make your day really special, memorable and a complete surprise for your valentine.


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Tips For A Perfect Valentines Day Celebration