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Ignite Italian Passion on Valentine’s Day

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 Italian panna cotta with jellied raspberries


Every Valentine's Day I am reminded of how me and my group of friends treated ourselves by making Italian panna cotta with jellied berries. This was the best substitute for a cake on that day. We were an adventurous lot where food was concerned and invariably our Valentine’s menu included this as a mandatory item. My friends and I enjoyed making this together. The ease of preparing something as exotic as this at your hostel was in itself an amazing experience.


The ritual of making Italian Panna Cotta With Jellied Berries  for Valentine’s Day began when one of us enjoyed this deliciously chilled dish at a restaurant. Then began the chore of getting the recipe and surprisingly an easy yet perfect version of this dessert was found. A couple of us tried  this out and over the years, our tiny group expanded with many more members being available to make as well as savor it.


We always managed to get the ingredients ready the previous day. Fresh raspberries, raspberry cranberry juice, light olive spray, gelatin, cream, vanilla extract etc were bought and stored. The making was the best part of it all. While some of us sprayed the molds and got them ready with raspberries and all, others melted the gelatin and prepared the dish. Due to the long hours of refrigeration required, the dish was always prepared at the beginning of the day so that they are perfect by the time we had eaten our lunch. We often saved some raspberries to be served with the dish.


Our expertise in making the Italian panna cotta was proved the day one of my friends’ bought home (read hostel)  his date for Valentine’s Day and boy! she was so impressed that she said 'Yes' instantly. They have been happily married for the past 5 years now. He remains grateful to the impressive panna cotta to this day.


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Ignite Italian Passion On Valentine’s Day