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Provencal Style Dinner On Valentines Day

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Herb crusted rack of lamb


Valentine’s day is fast approaching, I thought to myself, time to show off my culinary skills again. I had to smile at the memory of the lover’s day last year when I managed to surprise my France returned husband with a Provencal dish no less. He is a hard-core meat eater, accustomed to turning up his nose at the mere mention of vegetarian fare. But Saint Valentine’s Day deserves a special dish and I wracked my brains for well over two hours until I hit upon the idea!


Eureka! I cried after dismissing the thought of the mundane butter chicken and mutton rezala out of my mind. Why not try lamb instead? So I headed out instantly, keen on shopping for the right ingredients, friend in tow. My eyes opened wide as I took in the succulent cuts of lamb along with all the right ingredients including the herbes de Provence for making a sumptuous herb crusted rack of lamb, being available so readily. The world has indeed shrunk to a global village now!


The rest was easy and I hummed to myself while I seared the rack of lamb and brushed it with the very best Dijon mustard after combining the required ingredients. The next twenty minutes saw myself sipping on rose wine, feet up on the sofa as my Valentine’s Day dinner cooked slowly within the oven. The enticing aroma wafted in the air and the dish was drizzled with the red wine sauce before I served it on a silver platter alongside a red rose.


The platter gleamed after the herb crusted rack of lamb was polished off and my Valentine ambled off never giving me a chance to say, ‘je t'aime’. 


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Provencal Style Dinner On Valentines Day