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Top 5 Tips To Make A Perfect New Year Cocktail

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Your quest for that perfect cocktail ends here. With the holiday season in full steam, the party season is also in full swing and just like no party is complete without drinks, having a good set of tips to prepare the perfect New Year cocktail is going to be probably the best tool in your kitty as a host.


It is your duty as a party host to serve well-made cocktails, and who better person than Nicolas O’Connor, to teach you how to do so. O’Connor is the head mixologist at the Apotheke bar in New York City and he is constantly churning out new flavors to satisfy his thirsty patrons. Instead of just beer or wine, the bar at Apotheke is all about thinking out of the box.

Here are some tips for you as well:


1) Stay Fresh


The key to making a good cocktail is to choose fresh ingredients. You need to use fresh fruits, fresh juice, fresh seasonings, etc instead of canned or bottled ingredients. O’Connor says, “Any time you would use a store bought juice, you should use fresh fruit. Any time you use lime, you don’t want to use Rosa’s lime juice.”


2) Use Correct Measures


While mixing cocktails, proper measures are a must. The best proportion to use is the “2-1-1” rule, which means adding two ounces of liquor, one ounce each of sour and other modifiers. Instead of pouring just like that, use correct measures so that your drink turns out well-balanced.

Bloody Mary

3) Don’t Forget Ice  


Go easy on ice otherwise you will end up with a watered-down cocktail. Therefore, using the right amount and right type of ice is the correct way to add ice to your cocktails. O’Connor uses regular ice cubes and suggests the same to everybody. Instead of those large ice blocks, stick to the mixologist’s advice. One more tip, instead of using ice into the shaker, pour the cocktail over fresh ice.


4) Hold The Glass 


Every cocktail recipe calls for a specific type of glass, therefore, as a mixer, it is your duty to follow that specification. For instance, serve strong drinks in a rocks glass while delicate cocktails are best had in martini glasses.


5) Take Your Time


While mixing cocktails, it is important to leave room for ‘trial and error’ because you cannot get it right the very first time. O’Connor also advises that when playing with fresh ingredients, you need to master your technique with each passing day. The best way to do so is to allow yourself some practice time before the D-day. Also whatever the case, never allow yourself to be afraid from changing the recipe a little.


If this blog ends without sharing with you some choicest holiday cocktail recipes, that would be downright atrocious. So, here are some holiday cocktail ideas for you to serve at your New Year party:


With these tips to prepare the perfect New Year cocktails, you will be mixing drinks like a pro and will no more be poo-poohed as inexperienced.


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Top 5 Tips To Make A Perfect New Year Cocktail