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Easter Treats For School Party

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Easter Treats For Kids

Watch your kids’ eyes light up while you reveal these Easter treats. These adorable goodies are just perfect for Easter and spring parties, but you can prepare them for any occasion, since preparing them is very easy. What makes these treats ideal for Easter school parties is because they are fun and fabulous to eat.


Top 10 Easter Treats For Kids


1. Easter Basket Cake

A festive cake for the Easter holiday! Kids will hop with joy when they see this entirely edible Easter basket. You can even fill the basket with other Easter goodies, if desired.

Easter Basket Cake

2. Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes with some luscious chocolate frosting! That is what makes these beauties such adorable goodies. Give them the Easter appeal by placing three or four colored eggs and a chick atop each cupcake.

Easter Chick Chocolate Cupcakes

3. Carrot Cupcakes

Easter bunnies are bound to flood the school party if you bake these cheerful cupcakes. Frosted profusely with green cream cheese icing plus a bright orange hued carrot! Nothing will be a more enticing treat for a kids' school party!

Carrot Cupcakes

4. Easter Truffles

A homemade alternative to the chocolate eggs available in the market, these make for elegant treats for Easter.

Easter Truffles

5. Easter Cookies

Baked in the shape of bunnies and flowers, these cookies make simple, yet attractive edible treats for kids. Pack them carefully in the baked Easter Basket Cake and tie a satin bow to the basket.

Easter Cookies

6. Rice Treats

Made using rice cereal and marshmallows, these are perfect treats for Easter. Shaped like bunnies and eggs, they bring in the Easter flavors to the party.

Easter Treats

7. Easter Nests

Simple goodies made with chocolate, these nests look and taste mesmerizing. They make perfect gifts for Easter as well as desserts for Easter parties.

Easter Nests

8. Easter Carrot Cake

Rich with finely grated carrots and pecans and topped with a splendid and smooth coating of cream cheese icing, this classic dessert is an added gem to the group of Easter desserts.

Easter Carrot Cake

9. Fruity Hot Cross Buns

Offer your kids a chance to relish the traditional English Easter dishes with hot cross buns. These fruit-rich, sweet buns are served during Good Friday.

Fruity Hot Cross Buns

10. Easter Egg Bread

Fill the kitchen with the warm aroma of this egg-infused bread for your kids. This bread is delicious, fun-to-make and takes no time at all.

Easter Egg Bread



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Easter Treats For School Party