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Kim Kardashian Serves Free Thanksgiving Meals To Homeless

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She has just gone through a very public bashing over her divorce but that has not stopped Kim Kardashian from stepping out and serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless at a mission center in Los Angeles. She did this by “dolling” down and being “very cordial and friendly” during her volunteering work. Yes! Kim has had a change of heart as she served free Thanksgiving meals to homeless.


For the past few weeks, Kardashian has been in news for her speedy divorce petition and while media speculated wildly about the before and after of the divorce, Kim kept herself hidden away in her million-dollar LA home. And newshounds kept guessing what Kim was doing hidden away.


Showing a different side to her personality, Kim appeared quite selfless when she visited to volunteer for the first time. According to sources, Kim worked real hard “in both the food preparation area and in serving the food to the guests.”


Therefore, it is obvious that Kim is doing it all this to appear kind and generous, in fact, an attempt to clean up her controversy-riddled image. Recently, she has been quick to mention in her press interviews that she often visits sick children. Her mother, too, has been speaking proudly of her daughter.


So, is this the beginning of a new innings for Kim? Well, this Thanksgiving story tells a different tale.


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Kim Kardashian Serves Free Thanksgiving Meals To Homeless