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Summer Garden Party Ideas

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Summer Garden Party Ideas — Summer Garden PartyCelebrate the simple joys of summer with a fabulous garden fete!  Whether you plan to host an extravagant soiree or opt for a no-frills affair, our summer garden party ideas would leave you with tons of ideas on how to transform your backyard or outdoor space into a vibrant oasis for your summer bash.



Summer Garden Party



Summer is all about vivid hues, bright blooms, and loads of summery fun and your party invitation should reflect the same. You can either go for store-bought party invites or customize your own invite. No matter what you opt for, make sure to personalize it with a peppy party note and if possible hand-deliver it at the doorsteps of your guests.



Spruce up your outdoors with a lavish summer-style décor, propped with bright blooms, white lights, elegant tablecloths, beautiful centerpieces, regal silverware and crystals and loads of bright colored mats and rugs. You can add a romantic touch to the whole setting by hanging lightweight candle lit trays from the branches.



Your outdoor fun fiesta is incomplete without drinks. Depending on your taste and preference of your guests, you can either put up a well stocked bar outdoors and invite your guests to mix their own drinks or get a bartender to shake up yummy cocktails. For teetotalers and tots, keep pitchers of lemonades, herb tea, beverages, and refreshing summer drinks handy.



Whether you are hosting a casual get-together or outdoor picnic, you cannot really do without palate pleasers. Get lip smacking finger foods, fresh fruits and refreshing summer salads as sides, while the entrées could include yummy skewers and pasta salad. If you are planning a sit-down dinner, then planning an elaborate menu would help. For the sweet treats, you can always have fresh baked cookies, chocolate mousse, or popsicles handy.



Music sets the tone for every party. Hence, it’s important to pick your party tunes wisely. Depending on whether you are hosting a formal soiree or entertaining a casual group of friends, compile your tunes accordingly. Consider upbeat, groovy tunes if it’s an evening soiree. At times, even playing disco tunes can get you guests in a frenzy and get them dancing to the tunes.


Hope that these summer garden party ideas adds a dash of elegance and fun to your outdoor bash.



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Summer Garden Party Ideas